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Text The Studio On:
07868 781548
Put your name in the message so we know who you are.


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Moofie Moofie’s interest in radio started when he was 14. He spent time in Eastbourne, East Sussex with his Dad and when he returned to London he tried to pickup Southern FM, a local station in Sussex so he could listen in and feel closer to his Father. Unfortunately he could never pick up Southern […]

House Master Jay

Woodse Ultimate Beats Radio

Richard Storm Here is my bio: Richard Storm has been a die-hard EDM/EBM lover since around 1985. Before 1985, he was really into hard rock and all other styles of music such as rap and hip hop. He was also into New Wave music for the electronic sounds. In 1992, he moved to Frankfurt, Germany […]

Gary Clarke Actually known as DJ Clarkey G Hello to all you Bounce baby’s and Donk heads. Right firstly thank you for taking the time to read this. I have been djing since I  was roughly 11 years old. I started at a local youth club with a few friends and i haven’t stopped since. […]

Robby S Ultimate Beats Radio

Benjee Ultimate Beats Radio

Scott Woods Hi I’m Scott Woods originally I’m from New Zealand but I grew up in Belfast, Northern Ireland and I still currently call it home after 33 years. I started djing in the early 2000’s but I took a break for a number of years to concentrate on starting my own business. Due to […]

DJ Harry Ultimate Beats Radio

Andy Hillman Actually known as DJ Andy H, occasionally known as Space Raider. This is my bio it’s small for now………   DJ Andy H On Facebook DJ Andy H On Soundcloud DJ Andy H On Mixcloud Ultimate Beats Radio

Wayne Richards Ultimate Beats Radio